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“Stay put”: Mainroad North Island operations manager

VANCOUVER ISLAND, B.C- If you don’t have to travel tonight, stay inside.

That’s the message from Leon Bohmer, the operations manager for Mainroad North Island Contracting.

Bohmer said that throughout the company’s service area, which runs north from the Comox Valley to the upper end of Vancouver Island, moderate to heavy to heavy snowfall has been reported, along with some heavy winds.

“If you don’t need to travel today, it would be a good day to try to just stay put for a while,” said Bohmer.

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“The storm is supposed to abate in the wee hours of the morning at some point.”

Bohmer stated the company’s whole fleet is out along the North Island’s roads, plowing and sanding as fast as possible, but the heavy snowfall will impact conditions.

He expected that the company would catch up “pretty fast” once the storm quits, with most routes in good shape by the morning.

In the meantime, he wanted people to stay inside, and be careful.

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“If you don’t need to travel today, as little as you can,” said Bohmer.

“If you are travelling today, be prepared for winter conditions. Hopefully you have good winter tires, and leave lots of extra room in front of you. Stopping can be a problem. We’d like to tell people to use the four second rule, in these type of conditions.”

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