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Courtenay mayor supports parks and trails plan

COURTENAY, B.C. – The mayor of Courtenay wants feedback on how to improve the city’s trails and parks network.

A draft plan regarding the future of Courtenay’s trails and parks was discussed at Monday’s council meeting, and mayor Bob Wells said he’d be happy to hear feedback from residents.

“As a community, we’ll come up with far better solutions if everybody is giving their input, and then we have a better smorgasbord to choose from when we actually have to sit down and make decisions, and decide where we spend our dollars,” Wells said following the meeting.

Wells said that off-leash dog parks have been a hot topic in the Comox Valley recently. He also talked about the future of horseshoe pits in the city, referencing the pits at Lewis Park.

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“Are those being used as much as they might have been a few decades ago? If they’re not being utilized, then maybe that space can be re-purposed for something that there is a higher need for. I think that is one of the big things going forward,” he said.

Wells said the city’s trail system, overall, is well laid out, but there is still room for improvement.

“I think going down to Royston, there’s already a pretty good trail there. There’s only one spot where the trail kind of gets disjointed, you have to go around a half dozen houses or so,” he said.

“I think, generally speaking, we know that we’ve got a decent trail system, but the linkages between some of them, that’s where there seems to be room for improvement.”

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To view the draft master plan discussed at council, visit this link.

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