Students across the province staged walk-outs today, fighting back at the ongoing negotiations between the B.C. Teacher’s Federation and the provincial government, which have included a lockout, and two missed days of classes in the last two weeks.

Outside Valley View Elementary, roughly 20 students came out to bring awareness to their side of the story. The bottom line? Students say they’re tired of being stuck in the middle.

Plenty of passing cars showed their support by honking their horns, but according to three young students, that same level of support didn’t come from their teachers.

The students weren’t backing any one side of the issue, just voicing their concerns, which has included limited access to teachers during the lockout.

When asked, a large majority of the kids gathered said they would consider doing another walkout, if talks between the BCTF and the provincial government continue to go nowhere.

Area students have missed class the last two Tuesdays, due to rotating job action.