The United Steelworkers Local 1-1937 and Western Forest Products now have a possible mediator. 

The BC Labour Relations Board asked the two parties to provide a list of three mediators so the LRB can see if they have a name in common.

Both the USW and WFP named Vince Ready as a mediator. The USW says this was a surprise to the union because WFP previously rejected a meeting with Ready early on in the labour dispute.

The USW says Ready wants to meet each party for exploratory talks before accepting the role of mediator. 

This is to determine if mediation is possible between the two. Ready will let both parties know what his decision is after meeting with them.

USW Local 1-1937 members have been on strike for a little over a month. Union members are asking for concessions on wages, benefits, pension, and shifting among other things.