The City of Courtenay says two community plans that outline the future for transportation and parks have been approved.

The two plans are the result of multi-year efforts involving significant consultation with community partners, stakeholders, and the public.

The first of the two documents is the Transportation Master Plan.

It provides direction on transportation infrastructure for all modes of transportation, including pedestrians, cyclists, transit, and vehicles, for the next 20 years and beyond.

The second document is Courtenay’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

It will help plan decision-making for community parks, trails, recreation facilities and programs over the next 10 years.

City staff says those plans were designed to complement one another, with many of the recommendations being implemented in both, particularly for pedestrian and cyclist connectivity.

Mayor Bob Wells says the plans are a huge contributor to how Courtenay looks and feels now, and in the future.

“These master plans are incredibly important; they shape how we want our community to grow and develop. In essence, they define Courtenay’s character and what we want to leave behind for future generations. The completion of these plans represents a major milestone for the City and our council,” said Wells.

Other planning documents that are either completed or in progress include the Water and Sanitary Sewer Master Plans, the Urban Forest Strategy adopted in June, and the Integrated Rainwater Management Plan, which is currently underway.