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Proposed zoning amendment would allow recreational pot production in Comox

A proposed zoning amendment could pave the way for recreational cannabis production in Comox.

The town is hosting a public hearing at 6:30pm on Wednesday at Council chambers, on a proposal to amend Comox Zoning Bylaw 1850.

Comox Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1926 would allow recreational cannabis production in the 12.1 Aeronautical Industrial zone.

Shaded area shows proposed zoning bylaw amendment property. (Supplied by the Town of Comox)

That’s the area around Knight Road and Military Row. 

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Other than agricultural zoned land within the ALR, the only zoning designation that allows cannabis production is the 12.1 Aeronautical zone.

This zone has medical cannabis production facilities as permitted use.

The town’s planning department is recommending that the amendment bylaw be given first and second reading.

A report from municipal planner Marvin Kamenz says that “as cannabis legalization is still an emerging area, it is expected that municipalities will continue to have to adjust their regulations as those from higher levels of government and the industry evolves.” 

Copies of the proposed bylaw, as well as existing relevant reports and documents are available at Town Hall from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday, until 4:00pm on the public hearing date.

Kamenz said the town hasn’t received any business applications for a commercial grow operation at this time.

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