Fearless Female Friday – Christie Burr

Being a pediatric RN at the Comox valley hospital my wife Christie is fearless. Every day she travels to work with the knowledge that the 70000 people of the valley are counting on her , god forbid, if their child becomes sick.

The weight of that responsibility can only be understood by the her and nurses like her. The bravery it takes to go to her unit knowing that the emergency department could call any second for help with a critical child is unmeasurable. The heroic nature of her work is stunning. She courageously advocates for her patients and flawlessly provides life saving care.

Pediatrics has been a passion for many years. She has just returned from a locum in the Northwest Territories where she worked with the sickest kids in the Arctic. She is gutsy and bold flying to Vancouver to obtain more training to provide the valleys kids with the best care possible.

Christie balances this work with being a fantastic mom to 3 children and holding a household together. She has come home crying after bad days and elated after good days but yet she persists. If that’s not fearless I don’t know what is. We are very proud of this unsung hero.