Staff at Miracle Beach Mini Golf are still in full cleanup mode.

The Black Creek business, a staple in the community for nearly three decades, was targeted by vandals on Feb. 22nd.

Manager Samantha Seeley is staying positive and says it’s “incredible” to see all the support and offers of help from the community.

This week, staff are working to get things back to normal while still assessing the damage.

“It’s difficult to see what was done until we have it all cleaned up. By the end of the week, we will know exactly what we need to fix. Some of it has been fixed already, but we are still working on that.”

Though there’s quite a bit of work ahead, it isn’t stopping the doors from opening for the season.

Usually, things are up and running for Easter but this year the course is actually opening a few weeks early.

“We will be open for spring break, weather permitting. So, we will be open on Mar. 14th provided the weather is decent.”

Seeley says the vandals did “a fair bit of damage on the course, in one of the smaller outbuildings, and then broke into the mini golf building itself through the front door and did some damage inside before leaving.”

She was “devasted” when first pulling up around 1:30am on Feb. 23rd to see the front door smashed in.

“It was the worst damage that we have ever had happen here.”

According to Seeley, the RCMP is still looking for the two suspects responsible and that there’s the possibility of criminal charges depending on the evidence found.

“We are still working with them and have passed on several leads to them. We are in contact with the lead investigator on a regular basis, they are being very helpful.”

She’s urging anyone with information to give the Comox Valley RCMP a call at 250-338-1321.

“Somebody in our community knows something and eventually they are going to talk about it,” Seeley adds.