It is basically anybody’s guess as to where we go from here in the BC Teachers contract battle, but at this point, despite an 86 percent mandate for Stage 3 all out province wide job action, teachers are holding off for now to see how contract negotiations go. Comox District Teachers Association President Steve Stanley spoke to Goat News.

Stanley confirmed contract talks are underway.

Meanwhile Comox Valley School District Superintendent Sherry Elwood responded to the threat of all out job action.

Elwood confirms exams are being held, students will graduate, grad ceremonies will go ahead with or without teachers, and students will move up a grade as the year comes to a close…adding the district is being flexible at making all that happen despite some very volatile times in the school district.

Meanwhile the BC Teachers Federation war chest in the labour dispute is running on empty and local teachers rep Steve Stanley had this to say about that.

No word right now on any recent progress at the bargaining table.