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Cumberland breaks ground on new fire hall

Cumberland is starting construction of its new fire hall.

 While the pandemic presents challenges, the village says it’s “working closely with its partner contractors with the priority being the health and safety of all workers as the project proceeds.”

In December 2019, the community approved borrowing of $4.2 to build the new fire hall on Cumberland Road.

 The village says the project will be completed within the budget approved by the community.

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“The fire hall has been slated for replacement for over 20 years, and I am very proud to see this project begin on budget,” Mayor Leslie Baird said.

 “Building this new fire hall will not only help keep our families safe from fire and other emergencies, it will also help fulfil our responsibility to keep our volunteer firefighters safe.”

The new fire hall will have the capacity to house modern equipment and space for safe personnel and apparatus preparation during a fire response.

The post-disaster building will also serve as Cumberland’s emergency operations centre with the new building designed to withstand higher seismic forces than non-post disaster buildings.

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The project is being funded through borrowing, which means an increase in taxes for capital debt repayment and operating costs for the fire protection service.

 It is estimated this will result in a $142 per year increase on Cumberland’s average-priced home ($431,847) based on borrowing for a 20-year term at four per cent interest.

 The amount will increase/decrease based on home value and interest rates.

 On the median commercial property this will result in a $294 increase/year.

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