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Temporary traffic controller installed on Old Island Highway at Comox Road

Courtenay has made an effort to ease traffic backup along Comox Road by installing a temporary traffic light.

As previously reported, a vehicle accident at the Old Island Highway and Comox Road on the weekend severely damaged the traffic signal controller for this intersection. This controller was unfortunately destroyed beyond repair.

A temporary replacement traffic signal controller is now in place, with some limitations:

  •  The temporary controller cannot connect to the underground roadway sensors, and will not detect actual vehicles on the roadway
  • The traffic signals will be on a timer, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to pass through the intersection from each direction
  • As the traffic signal controller is not connected to the roadway sensors and will rely entirely on the timer, commuters on the Old Island Highway may see the signals change from green to red, even though there may be no vehicles waiting to turn left from Comox Road onto the Old Island Highway/5th Street.

The city says it will be monitoring traffic flow through the intersection and may adjust the traffic signal timing as needed.

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A permanent replacement for the traffic signal controller has been ordered; however, this is a specialized, custom product.

The city expects the new controller to be delivered by late August or early September and will be installed as soon as possible.

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