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B.C Farmers report record sales in 2019, helping COVID-19 recovery

While the COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for B.C’s farmers this year, 2019 recorded a record amount of sales. 

According to farm cash receipts from last year, B.C’s farming industry reeled in $3.9 billion. 

Minister of Agriculture Lana Popham says these numbers are encouraging to see. 

“For the past three years, our government has been focused on helping farmers farm and strengthening food security. We know the pandemic has impacted farmers greatly this year, but the farming sector’s record economic growth in 2019 sets the sector up for a strong recovery,” said Popham.

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She added that the pandemic has also helped British Columbians realize how important it is to support local agriculture.

 “COVID-19 has opened our eyes to the importance of our province’s self-sufficiency. I urge everyone to continue to show their appreciation for our farmers and support our local food system by making a special effort to Buy BC.”

Areas of growth included close to a $300-million increase in cannabis sales, along with a $47-million increase in dairy sales, a $25-million increase in beef sales and a $17.5-million increase in field vegetable sales.

Popham adds that as the government works on the overall economic restart, more British Columbian farm workers are needed to ensure B.C.’s agriculture sector remains strong.

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“Connecting more British Columbians to agriculture jobs and careers is more important than ever as we work to restart the economy and keep this momentum going, we are working together with industry as we focus on restarting our farming sector.”

To learn more about how B.C farmers did last year, visit the Government of British Columbia website. 

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