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Survey shows BC NDP has healthy lead, despite backlash over Premier’s early election call

Premier John Horgan’s decision to call a snap election isn’t a popular one with most B.C. voters.

Findings from an Insights West survey, show that 58 per cent of British Columbians opposed the call.

However, it looks like the gamble to send voters to the polls a year early hasn’t set the BC NDP back in its bid for re-election.

They hold an early lead in the horse race, with 42 percent of decided voters, ahead of the BC Liberals, at 29 percent.

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The BC Greens, at 16 percent, and the BC Conservative Party, at 12 percent, round out the major parties. 

Meanwhile, just over half (53 percent) of decided voters intend to cast a ballot in-person.

Of those 58 percent, 30 percent are “strongly opposed”, and another 27 percent are “somewhat opposed”.

The remaining 42 percent are made up of mostly those who “somewhat support” (32 percent) the idea compared to a small number (10 percent) who “strongly support” the idea. 

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More importantly, a significant minority (35 percent) of voters who intend to vote BC NDP in this current election are opposed to the idea of an early election, but that includes only seven percent who are strongly opposed. 

As expected, the vast majority of BC Liberal voters (77 percent) and BC Green voters (73 percent) are opposed to the election being called early.

Although intentions to vote BC NDP have declined slightly since June 2020 (when 47 percent intended to vote BC NDP), the party still remains firmly in the lead. 

Currently the undecided vote stands at 20 percent of intended voters.

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