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Apéritif or Desert? Nanaimo Bar Flavoured Whiskey Cream

-with files from Mike Patterson

If you love Nanaimo bars and enjoy drinking cream flavoured whiskey, you may be pleased to learn Vancouver Island’s world-famous confection now comes in a bottle.

Nanaimo Bar Cream is being bottled by the award-winning Forty Creek Whisky distillery– which it calls a tribute to the sweet and iconic West Coast treat that kids and adults love.

Forty Creek says it’s a permanent addition to its award-winning Cream liqueur, which has won seven gold medals and six “Flavoured Whisky of the Year” titles.

The distillery’s Master Blender, Bill Ashburn believes fans of their whiskey-cream will “fall in love with the combination of Nanaimo bar flavour and our Cream Liqueur taste.”

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According to Ashburn, it has been one of their top priorities to expand their Cream spirit lineup, “so it’s a happy and much-anticipated milestone to release the Nanaimo bar inspired cream liqueur,”

Ashburn says they wanted to “offer aficionados an exciting new taste, blended with a familiar favourite.”

Nanaimo Bar Cream is now available in BC, Alberta and Ontario and in October it will be available all across Canada.

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