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Jet FM needs your help to ‘Stuff the Truck’

Jet FM’s Stuff the Truck has a much different look this year.

But the cause of helping fill the Comox Valley Food Bank’s shelves with groceries and other basic household items, is as strong as ever.

Stuff the Truck is Jet FM’s week to give back to the valley and use the power of radio to raise cash donations for the local food bank.

Last year, Thrifty Foods and Jet FM raised over $45,000, along with 72 of food pallets donated by our generous businesses around town.

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The goal this year is to collect 100 pallets.

Jet FM is once again partnering with Thrifty Foods.

The station’s program director Kent Schumaker says they’ve been instrumental in coming up with innovative ways to spread the word in the age of COVID.

“It’s been different this year, obviously, with the circumstances that we all live by, but honestly, (manager) Andy Carter and the staff at Crowne Isle and (manager) Jeff (Ackinclose) and his staff at Courtenay crossing have been instrumental in coming up with great ideas to make sure that the food bank does get the donations this year,” Schumacher said, “because every year, they depend on this drive to stock their shelves well into the new year.”

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He added, “Andy and Jeff have come up with the pallets, you can see them on display, they also came up with the premade bags that will go to the food bank, too, and massive virtual trucks that we’ve created are on the wall so that so when you are cashing out at each location, you can see when someone buys one, their name goes on the truck and it fills up the entire wall, it’s a beautiful thing to see.”

Schumacher noted that the cash donations are also instrumental because the dollars can be extended by the food bank a lot further at these locations.

This year’s food-and-fundraiser runs from Dec. 7th to 11th, and Schumaker says the need is greater than ever.

“I talked to Teresa at the Food Bank a few weeks before we got started and she said it’s really important this year,” he said. “I assume that’s not going to change well into the new year.”

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The station is also opening up its Corporate Challenge early for anyone who wants to help out early. 

All who purchase a pallet now get a mention on the radio, Facebook Live outside of your business (so you can challenge another business), social media and business listed on the website for Stuff The Truck.

Thrifty Foods has received a list from the Comox Valley Food Bank that is compiled of their ‘most used’ items.  

These include flour, toilet paper, powdered milk, canned goods, toiletries, and other basic household items that some families struggle to afford.  

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All of these goods are packed onto a pallet, which when fully loaded weighs 1,000 pounds.

Businesses, local organizations, and private donors are invited to step up to accept our Corporate Challenge and purchase a pallet (or more) at a cost of $500 per pallet.  

If you wish to donate, you can also download the form here, or email to [email protected]

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