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Comox Valley RCMP warns of ‘grandparent’ scam

Don’t fall victim to the so-called ‘grandparent’ scam.

That’s the warning from the Comox Valley RCMP, which is urging everyone to be vigilant if you get a request asking for urgent financial help.

Typically, the victim will get a phone call from someone claiming to be a close relative or friend. 

The scammer will often sound distressed and desperate, claiming that they need money urgently, usually due to legal trouble. 

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They’ll gather information about their victims from social media or genealogy websites.

RCMP offer the following advice when receiving such calls:

  • watch out for urgent pleas that play on your emotions – if you have any doubts, trust your instincts and simply end the conversation;
  • talk to other family members – If you receive a call or contact from someone claiming a family member or friend is in trouble, reach out to another family member or friend to confirm the situation; and
  • never send cash, gift cards or money transfers to an unknown recipient.

Click here to visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website to learn more about this and other scams.

Suspicious vehicle report leads to drug seizure

A triple-parked car and sleepy people inside of it led to a drug bust in Courtenay.

On July 7th, the Comox Valley RCMP received a report of a vehicle parked sideways, taking up three parking spots, with two women inside who appeared to be passed out. 

Officers went to the parking lot at a business on the 2400-block of Cliffe Avenue and found the vehicle with two women inside. 

Beige full grown goat. (Supplied by the Comox Valley RCMP)

One of the officers spotted drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle which sparked more in-depth investigation, ultimately leading to the seizure of a significant amount of what’s believed to be methamphetamine and fentanyl. 

A 40-year old woman who was arrested is known to police and has an upcoming court date.

Off duty goat wrangling

An off-duty Oceanside RCMP officer did not hesitate to step in when she

saw a goat on the loose in Courtenay on July 13th. 

The goat was on a walkabout along 29th Street when the call to police came in but before the Comox Valley officers arrived, the off-duty member took care of business and put the goat on a leash.

The owner of the goat was happy that police were able to catch the escapee.

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