The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and Island Health have issued a Smoky Skies Bulletin for North Vancouver Island, Great Victoria, the Southern Gulf Islands, East and West Vancouver Island and Inland Vancouver Island.

Air Quality Meteorologist Earle Plain says the smoke from the wildfires in Washington State has drifted up to the region. He says the big concern is that the smoke will come closer to ground level.

“The smoke concentrations across the Island and the South Coast will vary quite widely as the winds change, you know blowing East and West and North and South as the temperature changes so we may see smoke come to ground in some areas and not come to ground in others.”

Plain adds that, “if it does, it really just comes down to using common sense. If you start to feel tightness in your chest or just don’t feel quite right, back off from what you’re doing.”

He notes infants, seniors and people with underlying medical issues should refrain from taking part in strenuous outdoor activities while the advisory is on.

The advisory will be in effect until further notice. For more details about air quality, visit