With Courtenay Council’s denial of a business license to the Leaf Compassion cannabis dispensary, the staff at GrowWise Health want you to know there are medicinal marijuana options available in town.

GrowWise Clinic Director Denise Ropp says they offer an education and support service as well as legal products from licensed producers designated by Health Canada.

“People can order a month’s worth of product, typically at any given point in time. Once you place the order, it comes to you in 3 to 4 business days.”

The Comox Valley Education Centre doesn’t actually carry any products in-store, but Ropp says once the medicinal products are ordered in, they’re delivered right to your doorstep. “There is [also] compassion pricing available so it’s not like this is an expensive route to go,” she says.

Medical documents need to be brought in before an order is made.

“We provide them [patients] with the education of how to access the proper products, provide support for how to dose, which product to pick and how to get it through the Health Canada legislated ways of getting the product.”

Comox Valley’s GrowWise Health Medical Cannabis Education office is located at 2-3322 Comox Road in Courtenay. For further details, call (250) 941-4999.