COURTENAY, B.C- A celebration is being planned for the new rainbow crosswalk in the Comox Valley.

Local not-for-profit arts organization Elevate is putting together an event this June, entitled “Elevate the Intersection”, aimed at marking the installation of the new crosswalk and celebrating diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

“Join Elevate, Comox Valley Pride, Downtown Courtenay, and friends from across the Comox Valley for a street dance party with friends, neighbours and allies from across the Valley and beyond,” read a notice on the event’s social media page.

According to Meaghan Cursons, a co-producer of the Elevate Arts Festival, the date of June 2nd has been selected for the event, though that would depend on weather.

“We’re at the whim of weather and work schedules, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning a party,” said Cursons.

As for whether the event would serve as an “unveiling” for the new crosswalk, Cursons believed the community coming together over a shared vision of social justice and diversity was a bigger deal.

“The arts community plays a big role in creating that container of safety and celebration for that in the Comox Valley, and that’s what we’re doing, is creating that container,” said Cursons.

“For celebration, for inclusivity, for street level engagement in art and culture and social justice, and doing what we know how to do well, as producers of the Elevate Arts festival for the last six years.”

She also didn’t think there would be any kind of disagreement with the celebration.

“Folks disagreeing with celebrating an inclusive community, is just for us, just sort of not a familiar response,” said Cursons.

“I guess we’ll get them to join us on the dance floor if they come down.”

Organizers are still in the process of organizing a street closure, and a more detailed schedule will be posted on the event’s social media page.

Cursons said that anyone interested in joining will be able to find information on how to do that online.