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GoFundMe started for Mariner Apartments flood victims

COMOX, B.C. – On Thursday, January 10th, residents of the Mariner apartments in Comox were forced to leave their homes.

A water main had burst on Aitken Street, resulting in major damage in the units on the apartment’s first floor. Resident Tianna Franklin told on Saturday that residents have lost the majority of their possessions.

Since the incident, a GoFundMe page has been started to collect funds to assist those displaced from their homes.

The page, called “Help Out Stranded Mariner Tenants”, has a goal of $8,500. As of this publication, the campaign has raised $200. It was started late Saturday night, January 12th.

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“17 apartments on the first floor were wrecked. Since it was neither the landlord nor the tenants fault, our contracts were considered frustrated and our leases ended immediately,” read the description on the fundraising page.

“Only one of the 17 apartments had tenant insurance and the vast majority of residents are low income/seniors.”

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The $8,500 goal would result in each unit receiving $500, according to the page.

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“The money will be shared equally amongst us. It won’t even begin to cover all of our expenses but it will help soften the blow.”

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As of this publication, the page has been shared 95 times on Facebook.

To view the fundraising, visit

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