Quebec passes controversial bill

Quebec’s contentious Bill 21 is now law.

The SAQ government used its majority to push through Bill 21Sunday night. Despite criticism from across the country from federal and provincial politicians, human rights advocates and many other groups, the Quebec government has stayed united in its drive to adopt the legislation, which would prohibit many public servants from wearing religious symbols during the work day.

New poll finds majority of Canadians think tragedy of Indigenous women was genocide

A new poll suggests a majority of Canadians agree that the tragedy of missing and murdered Indigenous women amounts to genocide.

Fifty-three per cent of poll respondents agreed the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls tragedy is part of an “ongoing genocide” that has been centuries in the making. The Association for Canadian Studies says the results suggest the inquiry report has generated confusion about what genocide means.

National strategy on dementia to be released

Ottawa will release a $50 million national strategy on dementia today that focuses on preventing the affliction, supporting caregivers and finding cures.

Federal statistics show more than 419-thousand Canadian seniors have been diagnosed with some form of dementia and rely on an average of 26 hours a week of help from relatives and friends. Most people with dementia and most caregivers are women.