A recently retired North Island College instructor is staying involved with the college community.

Frank Niscak spent 25 years teaching and mentoring Interactive Media Design students.

NIC gave him the designation of Emeritus last summer, an award for retired staff who show great commitment and dedication.

“It was nice to be recognized,” says Niscak. “It shows the institution acknowledges those who have committed themselves and who are now retired.”

He helped develop the Mobile Application Development certificate, as well as the Web and Mobile Application Development diploma, two programs that are part of Interactive Media Design.

Currently, Niscak is a sessional instructor and advises fellow instructors when they ask for help.

“I hope to always be involved, even though I have officially retired. Some people stop being involved and they stagnate.”

Once a year, NIC accepts nominations for retired faculty and staff deserving of the Emeritus designation.

A minimum 10 years of service to NIC is a must to receive the award, along with a demonstrated excellence in various fields and notable contributions to the college, educational communities and the success of students.

Emeritus Designates play an ongoing role engaging in activities with the college and the community.

Niscak adds he’s always felt and still feels it’s important to be a good ambassador for the college.

“Even though I am retired, whenever I speak with people or parents with teenagers, I talk about NIC and recommend they enroll in the college.”

To learn more about NIC’s Emeritus Designates, visit this website.