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Measuring Progress Can Work Against Your Progress

Progress is a funny thing. You need to measure it to see what’s the most effective but focusing on one metric… one way of measuring your progress can actually work against it! And that’s something that Bodynetix has really reinforced. It’s really about your progress in all areas; not just losing pounds or increasing how much you can lift.

I’ve said it before, in the short time I’ve been going to Bodynetix I already see a massive change in my body. But I haven’t focused on any one way of measuring it. I’ve lost weight, sure, but I measure my success by how I’m feeling. I have more energy than a couple if months ago. I feel more stable. There’s more definition to my muscles. And the biggest sign that my time at Bodynetix has had a big affect… clothing I hadn’t worn in years, now fits! I even went down a whole notch on my watch!

Progress is always happening, but how we measure it can be harmful. That’s why it’s about so much more than a number on a scale, or how many pounds you can lift. You made progress if you feel better the next day. You made progress if you’re sore the next day. You made progress if you have more energy… or none at all. Your progress is dependent on you, but that means you get to define your own progress. Bodynetix has helped me see the progress I wanted to see.  And they can definitely help you see your progress and potential!

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