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To Use Equipment or Not

Bodynetix does not skimp on the equipment! They have a tons of dumbbells, kettlebells, giant tires (for flipping), Punching bags, bikes, pads, and everything else you could imagine for a good workout. And that’s one way you know you’re in the right place when you walk in. And it really helps get the best workouts, and build confidence. If it weren’t for the chin up assistant bands, I would not be able to do a chin up. Sure it’s assisted, but it still feels great being able to pull my chin up over the bar!


But one of the greatest things about Bodynetix’s approach to fitness, is that you do not have to use tons of equipment. In fact, some classes are dedicated to exercises that are focused on not using any equipment at all. These bring a whole other focus in to the workout. You’re trying to get more mobility, flexibility, and stability. It might be easy for you to do a chest press, but are you able to crank out push up after push up?


It’s this comprehensive hybrid approach of exercises that use equipment, and exercises that use zero equipment, that creates results you don’t see at your average gym.

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