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Bring Your Friends! It Makes it Easier!

When it comes to starting a new fitness journey, or adding more activity to your life, it’s REALLY hard to do it on your own. That’s why I was so happy my Significant Other was so pumped to start going to Bodynetix.

Motivating myself was always more of a challenge than it was worth. Going to Bodynetix with Nicole though has made it more than just a way to get my heart pumping, and sweat flowing. Now, I see each workout like a new opportunity to bond. Depending on the workout of the day; there are challenges that you both face, but get to cheer each other through. Plus, you have someone you can compare your form… and sore muscles with. There have been countless times Nicole and I have helped one another with our form. Plus we get to do cool stuff, like flip massive tires! And that’s just the kind of thing that’s made better with a friend or partner!

We’re going to Bodynetix to chase different goals; Nicole wants to be more flexible and get some of the explosive power she’s felt she’s lost over the years. I want to lose weight, and keep my mobility high. But our different goals don’t keep us from doing the same workouts and feeling the struggle together. And that shared struggle, and tandem goal achieving, takes the workout experience into a fun thing to do… a bonding activity… and a great way to make sure you’re both motivated for each and every workout! And this is true for any workout partner, be they sibling, parent, friend, Significant Other, or something in between!

And with how supportive EVERYONE at Bodynetix is; you can come in on your own, and still find a partner to keep you motivated and enthusiastic!

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